The offered SL 600 is a rare vehicle from Mercedes Benz which was refined by the manufacturer BRABUS. In spring 2008 the last model update of the R230 series was launched. This was replaced in 2012 by the R231 series.

One of the most beautiful SL’s was produced for only 4 years and of the SL 600 12-cylinder offered here, only 263 vehicles were built during this period (source: MERCEDES-BENZ SL R230 series 2001-2011, Brian Long, Veloce Verlag, page 180) . Only a handful of these 263 SL’s were refined by the manufacturer BRABUS. The heart of the refinement is the legendary BRABUS ROCKET V12 biturbo engine .

This engine develops a maximum power output of 720 HP and a maximum torque of incredible 1,320 Nm , which is electronically limited to 1,100 Nm. In order to achieve these performance data, the displacement of the original V12 engine was increased from 5.5 to 6.3 liters and the engine has been completely revised.

In addition, a more efficient biturbo charger and a high-performance stainless steel exhaust system were installed. The indescribable power is transmitted to the rear wheels by a reinforced 5-speed automatic transmission and a special limited-slip differential. All of this makes the BRABUS SL 600 SV12S one of the fastest sports cars in the world.

In addition, the BRABUS body kit and the high-quality, exclusive BRABUS interior fittings created an SL that is second to none. This was also reflected in the new vehicle list price . This was over 310,000 EUR . As already described, the SL 600 was built in 2009 and then refined by BRABUS. It is a vehicle with a German delivery status. In early 2010 the vehicle was registered in Korea and became part of a large collection of a well-known industrialist.

The SL was and is parked in an air-conditioned garage / hall and was / is only driven in dry weather. In Korea this was done on the collector’s private routes. Due to illness a part of the collection was sold. In February 2019, the SL was purchcased by the current owner with a mileage of around 1.080 mil , brought back to Germany and registered in August 2019. All necessary papers are available. The current mileage is around 1.560 mil . The SL is in a unique, mint condition. An inspection was carried out by a Mercedes Benz specialist. The engine and comfort batteries have been renewed. The SL has new tires. A paint sealant was applied to protect the original paintwork. The original vehicle documents (in German) and original keys are available.

Furthermore, the SL comes with a lot of accessories (suitcase set, car cover, wind deflector, etc …) and documents ( price lists, brochures, reports, MB data card , etc. ..). The combination of a classic, timeless SL combined with exclusive equipment and performance make this SL unique. Unfortunately, V12 engines are no longer built by Mercedes Benz, so that V12 top-of-the-range vehicles generally have considerable potential for increasing value.